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JJP Supplement vol. 7

Tomasz Derda, Arsinoites Nomos. Administration of the Fayum under Roman Rule, Warsaw 2006
  • Hard cover
  • 300 pages
  • indices
  • ISBN 83-918250-6-X
  • Price:  55 EUR (265 PLN)

1. The place of Nomos Arsinoites in the Egyptian administrative system under the Roman rule
2. Nomos Arsinoites – its nomarchai, strategoi and basilikoi grammateis. The Arsinoite merides
3. The Arsinoite toparchies
4. Komogrammateiai as administrative units. Village officials (komogrammateis, presbyteroi acting as komogrammateis, amphodokomogrammateis, komarchai)
5. Pagi in the Arsinoite nome: Unification of the administrative structures.

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