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JJP Supplement vol. 14

Tomasz Derda, P. Bodmer I Recto: A Land List from the Panopolite Nome in Upper Egypt (after AD 213/4)
  • Hard cover
  • XXIV + 200 pages
  • 50 figures
  • ISBN 978-83-925919-3-1
  • Price:  55 EUR (265 PLN) 

Qasr Ibrim

In its collection Bibliotheca Bodmeriana possesses a papyrus, whose verso contains Books V and VI of the Iliad (published by Victor Martin, Papyrus Bodmer I. Homère, Iliade chants 5 et 6, Cologny – Genève 1954). The document published in the present volume was written on the recto of the papyrus, which was subsequently used to make copies of the Iliad. The preserved fragments of P. Bodmer 1 recto do not allow us to precisely establish the character of the document or to answer the question as to whether this character was identical in all sections. An overview of the contents clearly indicates that the document was not a land register sensu stricto, although it contains some elements typical of documents of this kind.