books for sale

Books for sale

JJP 40 (2010)

  • Hardcover
  • 282 pages
  • ISBN not assigned
  • ISSN 0075-4277
  • Price: 50 EUR (220 PLN) 


  • José Luis Alonso – The Bibliotheke Enkteseon and the Alienation of Real Securities in Roman Egypt
  • Serena Ammirati – Per una storia del libro latino antico. Osservazioni paleografiche, bibliologiche e codicologiche sui manoscritti latini di argomento legale dalle origini alla tarda antichità
  • Pierangelo Buongiorno – Das „verleumderische“ Negotium. Geschichte einer Ergänzung von BGU ii 611
  • Andrea Jördens – Ein Neurömer aus Alexandria.
  • Adam Łajtar – From Egypt to Palestine: Two Notes on Published Texts
  • Andrzej MiroNczuk – P. Oslo inv. 1487: a Herodotean Papyrus Re–edited
  • Maria Nowak – Titius Heres Esto. The Role of the Legal Practice in the Law-Creation in Late Antiquity
  • Tonio Sebastian Richter & Georg Schmelz – Der spätkoptische Arbeitsvertrag. P. Heid. inv. kopt. 541
  • Chris Rodriguez – Pour une relecture du SB xxii 15203
  • Jakub Urbanik – P. Cairo Masp. i 67120 recto and the Liability for Latent Defects in the Late Antique Slave Sales. Or Back to Epaphe.
  • Ewa Wipszycka – Books, Literacy and Christian Communities, or How to Make Papyrological Data Legible? On Two Recent Books by Roger S. Bagnall
  • Uri Yiftach-Firanko – P. Col. Inv. 131 Recto: a Loan Contract with Paramone Provision from Mid-first-century ce Theadelphia